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Website In Stride Horsemanship

Design and style creation for Jared Cole web site. Jared Cole has spent the last 15 years in animal behavior, medical rehabilitation and training. In 2007 he completed the Lyons Trainer Certification Program, and made the decision to sell his successful animal behavior business in Wilmington, NC.

website In Stride Horsemanship

User Interfaces development and useability

The scope of our activities includes user interface design development as well.

Why do users leave the site? Why users do not participate in specials and competitions? How can we improve the site navigation? How can we enforce our users to return to the site again and again? How can we improve the conversion of visitors into buyers? Our company experts know the answers to these and many other questions.

The site usability shall solve the following tasks:

  • Improve the conversion of users
  • Improve sales

The most important thing often forgotten by clients is the necessity to have user interface designed before site development starts. Clients often refer to usability when their site is almost finished and undergoes beta-testing. As a result, the need arises to redo what has already been done. One shall pay special attention to navigation planning and data entry forms.

Project from portfolio: User Interface design for Salvage Data Recovery

User Interface design Salvage Data


Interface development shall include development of basic user scenarios and usability testing by real or target site users to reveal the real problems the end users can face. In our company we start user interfaces planning and designing with the subject field study and collection of end user requirements. The collected data is the basis for developing the concept of usersí interaction with the site, its navigation structure, necessary informational and functional elements. Then we create the templates of screen forms, interactive prototypes of the site or its sections, and user interface description.

Project from portfolio: User Interface design for Scrambit software

user interface design for Scrambit software


The right approach to the creation of user interfaces applied by our professionals will allow you not to loose any potential client and to retain the existing ones. Your site usability developed by X3 Imaginations is the key to rising your Internet project efficiency by reducing employees training expenditures and maintenance team loading, conversion improvement and, of course, sales improvement.

Our clients, who became successful
  • Novachuk Business Style
  • Scrambit
  • iCreate
  • Gina's Spa
  • I.B.I.S. Inc.

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