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Logotypes, Icons, cool Graphics

Graphic elements are important minor items that create the unique image of your company. Logo, font, frame or a bent line can tell more about you than a thick booklet. Skillful usage of lines and color combinations can transfer striving for development and stability, creativity, ancient traditions following, reliability or flexibility. We offer creation of graphic elements that will represent your company on your site, business cards, banners, business letters and anywhere where one can put your company's logo and name written in corporate font. We pay special attention to graphic elements on your site.

Development of graphic elements for web sites includes several directions:

  • Logo development
  • Design of site icons
  • Development of other graphic elements for the site

It is very difficult to overestimate logo's part in the modern business. Suffice it to say that logo is the main company style forming element and serves as its main market identifier. Customers perceive logo as the company itself.

Project from portfolio: Logotype creation for Polyprowest

Polyprowest logotype


Everything is important in a logo: font, selection of colors, shapes of its graphic elements, their mutual location. Our designers will create symbols for you that will transfer in full the information you want to tell to your potential clients or partners about your company.

Icon is a small picture that means application, file, catalogue, operation system component or device. It briefly tells us about the action that will take place after clicking it. Icons simplify perception, make for retention in memory and attract attention. The main requirement set to icons is their understability.

Project from portfolio: Icons creation for the interface of Client's portal, Salvage Data.

icons for interface Client's portal


We will create a comprehensive set of icons for all occasions. Unique icons created specially for your site will raise its status together with the company's one in the visitors' eyes.

Other graphic elements.
Web site pages contain many graphic elements that are often imperceptible individually but create what is collectively called "site design". Our web design studio offers development of the following graphic elements: banners including animated ones, backgrounds, buttons, smiles for forums, frames, lines and fonts.

Our clients, who became successful
  • Novachuk Business Style
  • Scrambit
  • iCreate
  • Gina's Spa
  • I.B.I.S. Inc.

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