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Ukrainian singer Oksamita

CD disk graphics and cover design for Ukrainian singer Oksamita.

CD disk design

Design role in company development and promotion

Is design really so important for business? There is nothing more convincing than particular figures showing interrelation between design and business. According to the survey among several hundreds of successful companies, 50% of actively growing companies define the role of design in their business as "substantial". In the companies with turnover unchanged over the last three years design plays only a “limited role” (71%).

Therefore, growth factor certainly influences the design role in business: release of new products and services at a time of growing competition from foreign producers requires careful marketing and design approach. Respondents note that design plays one of the crucial parts in obtaining results from the investment in the end. If the customer likes design it is the half of the success, otherwise you can permanently loose all the investment in equipment or a service development.

However, a company shall care not only about the design of its products, but also of the accompanying stuff: advertizing brochures, points of sale, office and, of course, the company’s web site. In the modern business web site is the most important marketing communication link with customer; it is often the company's image as many customers search for information about products and services in the Internet.

Project from portfolio: Design for Provincial Transport Services

web design for Provincial Transport Services


In most companies designer serves the single function of illustrating ideas and concepts already developed by the management or marketing department. Designer gets down to work at the stage of packaging, promotional and advertizing materials development. However, design's efficiency and capacity potential exceeds the limits between which it is placed now. Participation of designers in the whole cycle of product development, which is so popular abroad, helps to see all the development stages in a new light. At a first thought, it is no need to use design at economical, financial and supply stages. On the other hand, economy, finance and supply can follow design concept, which defines material consumption, product yield, added value, and mark-on. This is really a brand new approach in which design is the driving force of business development.

Potential customers often use company’s web site just to study its products specifications and choose products interesting for them. In the following instead of ordering via the site, they call or come to the company’s office to make their purchase. Why it happens this way?

According to the data of Zona Research and Keynote Systems Report analysts last summer the companies engaged in e-commerce lost over 25 billion dollars for non-performed sales because customers aborted checking-out. In most cases the reason was too long site loading time, inconvenient navigation and too complicated registration forms.

Most companies concentrate on marketing and advertizing, but make little of their site design. There is also another extreme: creation of highly artistic web site with 3d and flash elements where potential customers do not need them. The overwhelming majority of companies demonstrate complete misunderstanding of how to integrate commercial and trading site functions into its design. They do not understand that design is not only a pretty picture, but also functionality and user interface. Design influences the speed of site usage and information search and, which is the most important, customer’s satisfaction with the site usage and consequently with the site owner company. To create such a satisfying design you should consider not your own impressions and wishes, but your customers’ needs.

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