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Flash intros and flash/video presentations design

Flash presentations and intros are short promos created using flash technology in Adobe Flash environment. Flash intro is a short animation played before your site loading. Its task is to catch the visitorís interest and give the maximum visual idea of your site. Flash intro theme shall correspond to your site subject field and reflect you activity lines in the Internet.

Our web design studio will make an original flash-intro for you that will reflect your corporate identity and meet usability requirements: limited duration, sound accompanying with switching-off button, skip intro button, etc. Flash intro is not an obligatory site element; your site may have different aims and methods of influencing the customer. Sometimes it is better to use flash elements on the site main page and probably on the inner pages instead of flash intro. They will serve the set tasks equally well.

Project from portfolio: Flash presentation design for Alivest Software

Flash presentation design for Alivest Software


Flash technology is also used in presentations. Usually flash presentations have promotional aim to make customers buy the products demonstrated in them. Presentation commercial can be dedicated to a certain event (company opening, new line of activity, new object presentation, etc). Flash presentation has structured information with photos, videos, 3D graphics and original sound accompanying.

We will develop the unique presentation for your company that you will be able to write on CD or demonstrate on your web site.

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