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Handmade quality, exclusive, wanted. Ask for advise — just send email.

  • web site design

    Car Dealer Portal design

    It is on-line tool for car sale and buy. Includes all package for car dealers worldwide: management, database, search, news, reviews, customisations, help, support, discounts and all these on-line.

    It provides all the features necessary to improve customer service and to increase sales.

  • web site creation

    Interbud-Lublin S.A.

    Many years Interbud is rising new buildings in and round city Lublin in Poland with commitment to develop premier, environmentally sensitive urban communities that combine innovative architectural designs.

    Company registred on stock market to increase number of investors and build more projects over time.

  • web site design

    Buro Magnolia

    Company helps companies and individuals with any kind of translations. Magnolia operates in Moscow city (Russian Federation) offering more than 20 additional services along with ability to make transtations into 50 languages in a short time frames.


Imagingxone — highest quality, perfect prices and on time

We strive for long-term partner relations with our clients so pay maximum attention to each project. We have one project at one time and refer all the resources to its completion.

We will be your reliable and professional partner performing the full cycle of your project development, its following maintenance and promotion, evolution and modernization.

Style, design concept, user interface development, web site design, 3D design and flash animation, CMS installation, usability and testing, search engine optimization, advertising campaigns — Imagingxone will implement everything your project needs.

Using our professional web design services you can create web sites that will be effective and attractive assistants in your businesses.

Our handmade flash site design and user interface design will improve attractiveness and useability of your projects.

You can look at our web design studio news to check our experience and have an idea of how we can improve your site.

We are also experts in online store design. We can work with your ecommerce web site design, creation, installation and management. Our team is composed of experts with several years of experience and completed projects under their belts. Our online shop design concepts are aimed at giving an easy and hassle-free online shopping experience for your customers, and more revenue for your business.

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New projects

President election
Portal for 2010 presidend election compaign in Poland for Janusz Palikot.

GetSmart tools
User interface design for GetSmart. Hard drive diagnostics and recovery tool. Will be downloadable soon.

Angel's Care
Web portal design and style creation for Angel's Care (Poland). Includes Lublin city teritory. Other regions will be added soon.

What class of services do we offer?

web site design

New web site design for Manhattan Auto Brokers.

Includes all package for car dealers worldwide: management, database, search, news, reviews, customisations, help, support, discounts and all these on-line.

Advantages and Quality

Since the day Imagingxone had been found we have created 230 works and projects. We are proud of our satisfied clients from USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Russia.

Please look at the testimonials of our well-satisfied clients. When we say we have the solutions, dont just take our word for it. Read it from the people who have tried our service, and was pleased with our level of skill, professionalism and dedication to results.

It is possible owning to the talented people working in our team. Talent and quality is the recipe for success in business.

  • focusing on one project
  • discounts for long-term clients
  • increasing business network

Imagingxone offers collaboration to companies and individuals with advantageous propositions, and site-owners in different business areas.

We are open to discuss variety of opportunities with prospective employers, clients and partners. Talented teams always find ways to attain an agreement!

Why Imaginxone

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Best portfolio from many others you've seen in the Internet. You will hire the person that made all these projects. Talent, work experience as senior designer for top IT companies in Kiev,long term satisfied clients, written and live recommendations, online testimonials are the benefits you will receive.

Fixed prices or hourly rates available, milestones and step by step project development and payments. You can hire one or two persons, for example, designer and developer to create your small project. Or we can provide you with any size team in office and project manager for your big project demands.

Even more - we have partners that helps us to improve and develop client's projects. It is IT company Binartus Software with 80 IT experts, SEO agency - Proffi SEO and dozen senior developers with huge experience in IT field and technologies. Together we can build a team covering all your needs.

As Owner and Senior Designer of Imaginxone I'm striving to share professional and contact details with you and enlarge business network. It is my aim to make your projects and business be successful.

Our clients, who became successful
  • Novachuk Business Style
  • Scrambit
  • iCreate
  • Gina's Spa
  • I.B.I.S. Inc.

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