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Flash presentation Alivest Software

Flash design and video presentation creation for Alivest Software for C3 fair 2006, NewYork, On behalf of our entire team at H.A. Bruno, we would like to thank all of our attendees and exhibitors for participating in C3 EXPO 2006.

flash presentation Alivest Software

Flash sites and interactivity

Our web design studio can make your site more dynamic, bright and rememberable with Flash technologies.

Flash elements are widely used not only on corporate web sites; they are especially topical for promotional sites aimed at catching clients interest and increasing retention of products in memory. We offer short light and dynamic intros that will describe the company and its products better than words. Flash animation will help to draw attention of your users to current specials, special offers, and the uniqueness of products or services presented on your site.

Project from portfolio: Flash animation for Schlueter (Chevrolet)

flash intro Schlueter Chevrolet


You can go further in using Flash technology and develop fully Flash site. Flash site differs from ordinary one not only by animation presence and by musical accompaniment. Vector graphics has the advantage of scalability owning to which flash sites are displayed at any screen resolution without quality loss.

But most often we develop combined flash sites. Usually they have flash-intro, sometimes flash menu and, of course, various flash-blocks making the site original and often simply setting the user for some or other site section. It is also possible to implement databases access, XML support, video and audio integration, drag and drop, access to real time application servers using flash. All these operations on flash sites are governed by tin Srit language.

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