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Project from portfolio — Gina's Spa shop and catalogue

Web design and flash animation for Gina's Spa company. For almost 40 years, Gina’s has been the premier spa facility in Waterloo Region. It is a second generation family owned business.

web design for Gina's Spa

On-line Shops and Ecommerce development

We've got several years of experience in online shop design, developing ecommerce solutions and other Internet tools needed for a successful online business. We can design, create and implement a complete online shopping solution for your business, including a customized shopping cart system and real-time order processing. We use proven and effective solutions that allow us to completely customize your online store and give your customers a secure and easy online shopping experience. Our custom-designed online stores can give you total control of your products, prices, categories, and many other aspects of online sales. Not only that, you'll also get access to a powerful backend system that allows you to control and manage orders, track sales, view statistics, and a whole lot more. To have a good look at our finished projects, just send us a request through e-Mail asking for our shops and ecommerce portfolio.

In this section, we’ll show you some of the systems that we use for creating tailor-made ecommerce solutions. We are familiar with both paid and free online shopping management systems, as well as ready-made software platforms and open source programs for setting up your ecommerce site. Whether you're satisfied with a pre-designed software package or want one that's custom-designed, we can help you with that. We suggest that you take a look at each one of the tools we use to help you decide which solution is the best for your site's objectives and your budget. These systems are all offered online and each has a demo and FAQ section to help you see how the application looks like and operate. So take the time to explore and learn more about each application or service.

Shop-Script shopping cart software

Let's start with Shop-Script. With this application, you can easily manage your site's catalogs, product listings and online checkout process. Shop-Script supports 19 site design templates for customization and is available for $299. Go to the site's "Open Storefront" to see a demo of the product.

Shop-Script site Shop-Script demo


X-Cart: PHP shopping software

Another option is X-Cart. X-Cart offers a PHP cart shopping program that's easy to use and integrate with your current site. Go to the Demo-button and then click on the "Open Storefront button" for the program demonstration, or use "Open admin back-end" to view the controls and options the program offers in its administrator panel. You can use this system for $229.

XCart site XCart demo


UMI.CMS e-commerce

Another paid option is UMI.CMS (Russian). This program can easily be customizable to different site requirements and has many pre-designed modules to choose from. The service ranges from $70 — $700. Check out the UMI.CMS Demo to see the options and applications that UMI offers.

UMI.CMS site UMI.CMS demo


PHP Shop ecommerce solution

Qualitative paid cursor is PHP Shop (Russian). It is the ready solution for Internet shop. Here are some of its advantages—more extensive and efficient management of catalogs, complete support of online cart shopping, such as handling of product descriptions, order processing, transaction recording, and many other things. Check out their program demonstration at Demo PHP.Shop. The price for the system ranges from $120 to $700 depending on the functions that you want.

PHP Shop site PHP Shop demo


Virtue Mart open source e-commerce

The next option you have is VirtueMart — a free online shopping system made for sites running on Joomla! 1.5 and Mambo content management system platforms. This is a good option for you if your site is already using Joomla or Mambo. VirtueMart is also customizable for your particular needs and applications. Check out the demo at VirtueMart Demo and take a look at the shopper and administrator screens. As the demo requires logging in, use "demo" (without the quotes) as your username and password.

VirtueMart site VirtueMart demo


Magento Ecommerce Platform

Another ecommerce management platform for you is Magento. Magento has a very convenient administrative panel that allows you to control and manage different aspects of your ecommerce site, such as promotions, sales, catalogs and reports. Check out the Magento Demo to see what we mean. By the way, this system is open source so it's absolutely free.

Magento site Magento demo


CMS Joomla open source solutions

One other free and open source option for you to consider is CMS Joomla! This program implements open-source frameworks so you can have an ecommerce management system tailor-made to the needs of your site. Joomla can also help you create a content management system and design web tools and applications for your site. Check out the site for a list of applications, codes, upgrades and a demo. To view the Joomla Demo, simply register with the site.

Joomla site Joomla demo


Zend Framework

Since we're already talking about open source frameworks, one other option you can take is the Zend Framework. This system uses PHP code and is focused more on practicality, efficiency and simplicity in its applications, which are great for an online shopping management system. Check out the capabilities and options available with Zend by visiting the Zend Framework Downloads section.

Zend site Zend demo


Code Igniter open source framework

If you want an effective but easy-to-use platform, then the Code Igniter Framework might be the one for you. The code is also customizable and is compatible with different PHP platforms. Check out the variousCode Igniter design options by exploring the Code Igniter Downloads.

Code Igniter site Code Igniter demo


Ext JS lightweight javascript library

And if you need a solid framework for your online shopping system, you can consider using Ext JS. This framework reduces considerably the time for designing your site's ecommerce system as the code is well-documented and comes with technical support. For a demonstration, check out the Ext JS Demonstration page.

Ext JS site Ext JS demo


Our programmers are well-versed with the systems mentioned above, so whatever you choose, we can help you design the right ecommerce system for your site's needs. Just send us a request through e-Mail to get a list of shops and ecommerce portfolio.

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