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Concepts creation and games design

Site conception developed by X3 Imaginations always contains an idea. The idea of what your project will contain, what will be its essence, aim and how it will correlate with the corporate identity and company's image, whether it will fit well into the brand development strategy. It is obvious that the site can not exist separate from the corporate identity and not to bear company's ideas and follow the company's mission.

Our experience in development of design concepts ensures natural integration of a competent design into general idea of your brand development. The first step is a written description of the idea that passes preliminary approval with respect to correspondence to mission, aims, tasks and corporate identity of the company. Then our chief designer creates your site design according to the approved concept. The result of his work are finished website pages expressing design and style concept and containing perfect graphics and effects created under the guidance of real designer's talent.

Project from portfolio: Concept design for I.B.I.S. Inc.

concept design for I.B.I.S. Inc.


We create as many design concept variants as your project needs. It shall be noted that a successful concept development takes account of its future content at the very beginning. That is why we ask our clients to prepare text, photos and other content elements for several site pages already on the design concept development stage. This allows to prevent situation when finished site filled with information looks different from the concept template.

Game design

User-friendly interface, well-thought architecture, individual characters, and fascinating landscapes are the essential components of any good game. Specialists of our web design studio will help you to make a really good game.

Game design includes several constituents:

Interface — is the part of any program that provides communication with user. Practically it is menu, submenu, buttons, icons, life levels, cursor, hot keys, and many other things allowing a player to control his character and the game as a whole.

We place the strictest demands on this development portion, thereby our clients' games have simple and intuitive interface that does not take up much time and pleases players. Good interface is the basis of a good game; in fact, modern players appreciate usability more than fine appearance.

Project from portfolio: Interface and concept design for on-line game Twinity (10K beta users)

interface and concept design for on-line game Twinity


Game architecture. It is endless passages, buildings, catacombs, destroyed bridges, ladders, beautiful halls and ugly caves, attics and basements, in other words, all the premises in which game processes takes place. Architecture development means not only fine rendering of all these, but also development of an architectural model non-contradicting to physical laws.

Moreover, we connect premises of different levels creating a uniform architectural ensemble for the game.

Development of 3D characters. Most of the time a player closely follows his game characters, so special requirements are set to them.

We will develop any character you need from a beautiful queen to an ugly monster, 3D modeling potential will make them most believable. We pay much attention to both main and secondary characters, because we understand that such details contribute to the general impression made by any game.

We undertake comprehensive design implementation of your idea and guarantee the high quality of the result. You can feel certain that we direct all our energy to your game design as we work on one project at a time, your project.

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