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Project from portfolio — Gina's Spa shop and catalogue

Web design and flash animation for Gina's Spa company. For almost 40 years, Gina’s has been the premier spa facility in Waterloo Region. It is a second generation family owned business.

web design for Gina's Spa

Content Management System (CMS) installation

In this section we will consider various Content management systems or CMS. CMS are control systems of sites which allow to operate easily various contents of a resource and its structure, giving you convenient tools for storage and publication of information.

Presently there is a great variety of ready control systems of a site content, both paid, and free. Besides, in this section we will consider possibility of creation your own CMS.

We suggest you to get acquainted with free decisions to begin with.

Expression Ångine

Let’s consider Expression Ångine CMS. It is new CMS which has been written by the founder of the popular framework CodeIgniter. ExpressionEngine System widespread abroad also is known there, as one of the most flexible and multipurpose CMS. Besides, the system quickly extends in Russia thanks to adaptation under the Russian market. For creation of a personal site is better to get ExpressionEngine Core — the free version for personal noncommercial use. It approaches for working out of the most various sites, from news and corporate, to bulletin boards and Internet shops. The system includes the big spectrum of functions. Among them: modules of the forum selected, a rating of articles, RSS, templates, a photo gallery, caching. It works on platform PHP 4.1, supports MySQL.

Expression Ångine



The next system is Joomla! — the one of the most powerful CMS on the planet with an open code. It is used practically worldwide for any sites — from simple to the most difficult. This system is easy for operating, it is reliable and easily established. Joomla offers all necessary tools for manufacturing and management of a site. Distinctive feature of this CMS is the minimum set of necessary tools at initial installation which grows as required. That helps to lower loading on a server and saves a place on a hosting.




We are going to the next solution — Santafox. This CMS allows to supervise site contents, without possessing special technical knowledge. It is completely free, has the full documentation, an open code (php + mysql) and automatic updating of versions.




A popular control system of content is Wordpress — will be good decision if it is necessary for you to make the blog or a site with several static pages. It is very simple in use, has set of modules, the instant publication, support RSS.




Now, when we have considered free variants, it is a right time for the paid CMS.



The quite good choice among paid systems is UMI.CMS. Unlike free systems, UMI.CMS helps you to create a site of any complexity, but this does not hold its design in any frameworks. The convenient and beautiful interface, excellent speed of work of an administrative centre makes it very popular. Besides: 22 modules, templates, content editing directly on a site (without an input in the administrative panel), creation possibility at once several sites without restrictions. Cost: $70 — $700.




Other solution is NetCat. This is the program complex, allowing to create web sites of almost any level of complexity with the maximum economy of time and to operate the created resource without necessity of knowledge of web-technologies. The interface of this CMS is simple and intuitively clear for the user having an operational experience on the computer. NetCat System is the most sold universal remedy of management of sites in Russia. Except standard configuration NetCat, flexible adaptation of system under needs of the customer is possible. Cost: $120 — $900.



Custom CMS

Custom CMS solution is possibility of creation your own CMS. The first question which should arise: is it really necessary for you? SQL inquiries knowledge, ability to protect the database, skills of optimisation are required. However there are a frameworks that can help you. Frameworks is a special tool, for example, the core of system including auxiliary programs, code libraries, language of scenarios and other software. Such tool can be Code Igniter which was already mentioned in this section. If you have programming skills and full of energy, you can create the CMS which will be convenient to you.

Code Igniter


We have got acquainted with CMS and have considered the most popular systems. Our developers hopes that this section will help you with successful management of your projects and your tasks will be much easier and more pleasantly now. We'll be glad to help you with any CMS installation!

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