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Salvage Data Recovery

Web site re-design for Salvage Data Recovery. SalvageData has the professional expertise, experience, knowledge and advanced cutting edge tools needed to successfully salvage and recover your critical data.

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User interface — a key to customer's heart

When a customer is disappointed with a web site, a program or a game? The answer is simple: when it is unhandy for him to work with the product. Neither a pretty picture nor a genius idea, nor a big benefit the product is able to bring can make customer investigate program's arrangement, try various variants in a game or search for forms he needs on some site. Modern diversity does not leave any choice for electronic products developers — an insufficient attention to user interface considerably affects project's commercial success.

What is user interface?
User interface is the complex of tools that enable the user to communicate with different products. In other words, it is the set of buttons, links, forms, dialog windows, icons, banners, and scrolls used to control the product. It is impotent during development process to keep in head that customer perceives the product in a way he sees it on the screen. Therefore, if some program is unhandy for him it is totally useless in his interpretation. It especially refers to web sites and games: the competition in this market is too high for companies to afford unhandy products.

Perfect interface.
It is strange, but today's diversity of interfaces prevents development of uniform rules for their creation. This is conditioned by human psychology: a user who gets to the global network for the first time takes the site that first comes in his view as an example. The same situation is with games and programs. When such a user then tries other products, he compares them with the first one and negatively perceives any discrepancies. Nevertheless, there exist some interface development rules.

User interface development starts with a metaphor. User shall perceive screen environment and product control tools as the situation he is very familiar with. For example, windows interface was planned as a metaphor for desktop with documents. The right choice of a metaphor allows easier understanding and interpretation of the screen image by the user. His intuition tells him how to perform some or other action. Moreover, user feels psychologically comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Project from portfolio: User Interface development for Salvage Data Recovery

user interface design for Salvage Data


Site interface depends more on generally accepted rules, as for the site it is most difficult to win visitor's attention. The most important things for a site interface are well-thought navigation and structure, the efficiency of graphic elements location on pages. A visitor who gets to the site for the first time shall easily orient himself and understand what he can find on this site and how to do it. It is a mistake to think that he can read this information from the homepage text: research has shown that just a negligible number of visitors read it.

Efficiency evaluation.
To identify problems with product interface we need end users. Neither developers nor their friends or acquaintances can do this because of the discrepancy in age, accumulated experience and motivations. We test usability of games and programs in focus groups: we ask users to perform some actions and carefully fix all their movements. In such a way, we, for example, may get to know that life strip shall be moved to upper left corner and program operation start button to lower right corner. You may also gather a focus group to assess your site, but usually it is enough to watch visitors' behavior to identify unhandy interface. Site visiting statistics will help you in this.

Successful user interface based on users' interests allows more effective implementation of product's reserves and presents a big competitive advantage.

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